O, Earth   By Casey Llewelyn  The Foundry Theatre January 2016  Direction  Dustin Wills  Choreography  Chris DeVita  Sets and Video  Adam Rigg  Costumes  Montana Blanco  Lighting  Barbara Samuels   2016 HENRY HEWES DESIGN NOMINATION   "The deeply moving play put a rainbow of queer characters in a flexible and timeless world of dirt and doors (impeccably designed Adam Rigg) to dialogue on the queer." -  Charles Quittner   BROADWAYWORLD   "At one point, the audience actually applauded one of the jokes in Adam Rigg's set. What a thrill it is to see a show that reaches out to Wilder's genius—and actually touches it." - Helen Shaw ,  TIME OUT NY   "The design here is by an extraordinary Adam Rigg who works some magic in simple ways with this gorgeous set." -  Keith Medelis ,  THE EASY